Introducing UHA

An Independent Practice Association (IPA) for behavioral healthcare providers

If we can assist behavioral health providers in developing and maintaining good financial and operational practices, their clients will be touched.

Unified Health Alliance, Inc. (UHA) seeks to partner with behavioral healthcare providers to assist them with growing their practices and providing resources to allow them to offer their clients a treatment experience that will enhance their lives.

We want to be part of changing the way that the world looks at behavioral healthcare.

The mind/body connection is such a critical element in the way individuals feel about themselves and others. So many individuals who suffer from physical and emotional distress can benefit from the services of our statewide network of providers. We provide opportunities for behavioral health providers to take advantage of incentive payments with payment structures that align with policy goals of both the Ohio Department of Medicaid and Managed Care Organizations. These policy initiatives are designed with the expectation that outcomes will improve clients that need treatment for both mental health and substance abuse.

How We Can Help

UHA provides the following benefits to its members:

Group contracts

with Ohio Medicaid Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) that allow providers to maintain their corporate independence and also benefit from participating in agreements with larger numbers of covered lines.

Care coordination services

that allow smaller members to leverage this needed function without having to invest in hiring full-time qualified staff.

Captive insurance program

for professional liability insurance allowing behavioral health providers to reduce premium outlays and continue to have access to needed liability coverage.

Proven IT solutions

tailored for behavioral health providers in such areas as video-chatting, staff and patient collaboration, HIPAA-compliant email, productivity solutions based around Office 365, turn-key HIPAA compliance management solutions, and more.

Car lease program

allows members to obtain leased vehicles for their staff at a discounted cost through our vendor. The program offers a comprehensive group of benefits, including gas cards, maintenance, and vehicle insurance.
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Jeff Forman

Founder and dedicated to the success of our members

Jeff has spent over 30 years as a practicing Certified Public Account in the behavioral healthcare field. Now retired from the profession, his focus has moved to helping behavioral healthcare providers navigate the current marketplace challenges through his development of an independent practice association, UHA (United Health Alliance).

UHA seeks to provide its member behavioral health organizations with opportunities to enhance their viability in a dynamic healthcare market with outcomes that will improve those for their client’s treatment needs for both mental health and substance abuse.

In addition to assisting providers in the behavioral health sector, Jeff has extensive experience and success with implementing technology tailored to the healthcare field.

Outside of work, Jeff enjoys hiking, working in his yard, and strumming a guitar.

What We Do
  • Group Contracts
  • Captive Insurance Program
  • Car Lease Program
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  • Proven IT Solutions
  • Care Coordination Services

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How does an “Integrated” Independent Practice Association (IPA) work?

An IPA can directly negotiate with MCOs on behalf of its member providers or practices. If the providers in an IPA are sufficiently integrated through their participation in a program of clinical integration and/or financial risk sharing, then certain joint activities may be permissible under the antitrust laws where they are reasonably necessary to achieve the legitimate purposes of the IPA. This is because integration among IPA members provides incentives to help the IPA network reduce cost and improve quality of services.

What are examples of financial risk taking?

  • Offering services at a capitated rate
  • Joint investment in systems designed to improve patient care/decrease costs, or otherwise providing significant financial incentives to achieve cost containment

What are examples of clinical integration?

  • The development and adoption of clinical protocols
  • Care coordination/review based on the implementation of clinical protocols
  • Mechanisms to ensure adherence to these clinical protocols

As part of an IPA, would providers still bill under their own tax identification number?

Yes, the design of the program would allow independent providers to bill under their own tax identification number for contracts negotiated through the IPA.

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